Episode 050 – My client has a brown splotch – now what? – Interview with Aesthetician Adrianna Sntiago

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I see a skin disorder… a splotch… seems innocent enough, but I’m not sure that it is…

About this episode…

I often share the story from a couple years ago where I saw a brown splotch on a client’s head. He got it checked out, and it turned out to signal an advanced stage of cancer.

We see all sorts of skin disorders throughout the day. While we are not empowered to diagnose and treat them, aestheticians can and do. I often declare that we should have an aesthetician who we can send our clients to when we find these problems

About my Guest

Adriana Santiago is the owner and founder of Peachtree Aesthetic Center in Atlanta, GA. She details what an aesthetician can do for a Barber, and why she has a team of dermatologists supporting her. She details where aestheticians fit into a Barber’s world,

Contact my Guest

You can reach Adrianna at Adriana Santiago owner of Peachtree Aesthetic Center: a skincare clinic and medical spa.