Episode 048 – Getting a bite in between clients… is there a better way? – Interview with Dan Cornett, Nutrition Consultant

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We’ve all tried to sneak a bite in between clients – what if we didn’t have to do it?

About this episode…

This episode hits close to home… I am just as guilty as anyone else of trying to eat something really quickly between clients. Yet a couple adjustments can make it a lot easier and healthier. In this episode, we talk about:

  • Fueling ourselves at the start of the day
  • How we create our own tired times in the middle of the day
  • What some of the “popular diets” do to us
  • Easy ways to keep our energy up all day and live healthier

About my Guest

Dan Cornett is a former wine salesman who has spent the past five years as a health and wellness professional, helping many professionals and entrepreneurs make simple adjustments to healthier, happier, and energetic lives.

During his most successful year in sales, he had the same fast-paced lifestyle as we Barbers do, eating on the run, and gaining a lot of weight and health conditions which resulted in his next year being his least productive. As he began to learn about health and how foods work in our bodies, he turned his life completely around and now helps business professionals do the same. 

Contact my Guest

You can reach Dan and learn about his programs at https://challengeaccepted.io

You can also contact him at (509) 435-2633 orĀ info@challengeaccepted.io