Episode 047 – Don’t Sleep on The Google

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It takes a lot of work, yet my Google listing brings in more customers than my Instagram.

About this episode…

I am very excited about this episode…it has taken a long time to make it happen…

  • Why Google is so important
  • The most important parts of Google for Barbers
  • The one section which makes a big impact (spoiler alert: it’s the section that most businesses fail hard at!)

About my Guest

Michael Morse is the man who got my Google restored when Google had removed my listing.

He. got. my. Google. restored.

That is a very heavyweight accomplishment.

Have you ever searched online and wondered “Why do those businesses show up at the top of the map and I don’t?” Michael helps small businesses uncover the mysteries surrounding how Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp all work.

Michael Morse is the Sales Team Manager for the Georgia market. Primarily working in Atlanta, GA. A rare Atlanta native, he graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Journalism and went on to write for a local newspaper for 3 years before heading back to college for a master’s degree in Sports Administration at Georgia State. He began his career in sales shortly after and has not looked back after working with a sports marketing and advertising firm. During that time, he learned about direct sales and made lasting relationships with other coworkers that led him to an opportunity with RevLocal, a Digital Marketing Agency in 2015. 

Eight years later, Michael continues to meet with small business owners and share the importance of digital marketing strategy for the long-term success of any small business. 

Contact my Guest

You can reach Michael at 770-815-2867, at his website: https://www.revlocal.com/about-us/consultants/michael-morse or by email at mmorse@revlocal.com