Episode 049 – Using our words to get the right clients in our chair – and interview with Betty Emrey, Copy Writer

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I’m getting people in my chair, but they’re not my favorite people to hang out with…

About this episode…

Marketing ourselves as Barbers can be tricky. Yes, we are all supposed to take on all comers, yet each of us has a certain type of person that we vibe best with. In the Barbershop where i cut, soccer fans are more likely to wind up in my chair because we talk about soccer and vibe well with it. A Personal trainer may end up in another chair because, well… I’m not exactly into exercise at this point in my life.

Betty Emrey is a Copy Writer, and knows exactly how to make sure that a company is attracting the right clientele… or their BEST clients. We talk about

  • The difference between “I am a Barber” and “I am THIS Barber”
  • How what we show tells potential clients how we are different from other Barbers
  • Some examples of how one can market one product – a coffee cup – to a variety of different groups of people

About my Guest

Betty Emrey is a Copy Writer – which means that she writes content for advertising and marketing campaigns. Advertising agencies, Marketing executives and elite level web designers bring her in on projects to hone the marketing messages for their clients. She specializes in attracting the right clients for any given company so that their marketing efforts and budgets are spent in the most efficient way possible. 

Contact my Guest

You can reach Betty at betty@UseYourWordsMarketing.com and visit her website, https://useyourwordsmarketing.com/ for more informations about what she does and to set up consultations.