Episode 038 – Barbershops, CyberCrime, and CyberSecurity – An interview with Keya’an Williams, International CyberSecurity Expert

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Hackers aren’t interested in Barbershops, Right?…. Right?

About this episode…

A casino was hacked though a thermometer in a fish tank several years ago…

…but aren’t Barbershops too small for a hacker to try to get into?

In this episode:

  • Hackers go after everybody… it’s a numbers game
  • How they get us through our email and our phones
  • How our wifi networks leave us open to being hacked
  • Simple steps to protect a Barbershop, and individual Barbers

About my Guest

Keya’an Williams is an internationally sought after CyberSecurity expert. His career began as a chmical weapons specialist in the US Army, later transitioning to working with communications security with the US Army Reserve Command Headquarters. Since then, he has served in various IT and Information Security positions for the Center for Disease Control.

Contact my Guest

If you have questions for Keya’an, or would like more information, reach out to him:

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/keyaan/

Keya’an’s Company Website: https://www.class-llc.com/