Episode 032 – My Appearance on Your Barber Podcast with Matt Bellotte

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What happens when two Barbers start talking? We talk for hours without missing a beat!

About this episode…

This is the first time I was interviewed by another podcaster. I had run across his podcast and found something pretty cool: a couple Barbers talking simply talking about the life of Barbers.

I enjoyed hearing his episodes and how he would deep dive into observations, “beefs” within the industry, and into Barbers’ lives. He and his guests would also talk about what tools they were using… it was great to hear professionals talking about what we use on a daily basis and why we choose to use what we do.

Matt and I go into a lot in this in-depth conversation

  • We talk about my time with the Navy bands and how Barbering and music share so much in common
  • The start of my Barbering career when I was with Great Clips
  • Starting as a Barber at my age
  • The value I place on hair shows

About my Guest

Matt is a Barber at The Anguished Barber in Midtown, Atlanta, Georgia. A beard care and shaping ace, he began cutting in Arizona and has a passion for people and people’s stories – a natural trait for this West Coast Barber here in The A.

Contact my Guest

If you have questions for Matt, or would more information, reach out to him:

Instagram: @mattybladezzz

YouTube Podcast Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@yourbarberpodcast

You can also find Matt’s podcast on Spotify, or pretty much anywhere else podcasts can be found

Book an Appointment with Matt: https://the-anguished-barber.square.site/