Episode 029 – When should a Barber start using swivel thumb shears – with Willy Hyde of SharkFin Shears

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“They” (whoever “they” is) told me that if I’m going to switch to a swivel thumb shear, that I should do it early in my career… it didn’t sound right, but…

About this episode…

Almost every person I know who cuts with swivel-thumb shears really likes it. I’m trying to remember anyone I’ve spoken with who didn’t…. Now early in my career, I was told that if i wanted to cut with swivel thumb shears, that I should do it before my hands had learned the muscle memory of standard shears that don’t swivel.

It didn’t sound right, so I asked Willy Hyde, Director of Education for SharkFin Shears, about his thoughts about when is the right time for a Barber to start suing swivel thumb shears.

Episode Summary

  • Do Barbers need to do this early in our career?
  • What happens as we adjust to the new shears?

About my Guest

Willy Hyde is the Director of Education for SharkFin Shears. He conducts classes nationwide at industry hair shows and in person at several Barbering and Cosmetology schools. His lessons and many videos online focus on ergonomics and how to use shears to prolong our careers avoiding carpal tunnel and other painful conditions/

Contact my Guest

If you have questions for Dr. Willy, would like clarifications, or would like to contact him, here is his information:

Willy Hyde – Director of Education for SharkFin Shears

Watch the videos on SharkFin Shears’ Education Pages

Phone/Text: 860-262-1891

Facebook: Sharkfin_Willy

Instagram: @willyhyde