Episode 002 – Which Insurance Helps Barbers?

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What happens if a Barber is in an auto accident? Or when their car is broken into and their tools are stolen?

About this episode…

Ellena Park with Goosehead Insurance shows us what’s “under the hood” in her industry, letting us see how insurance protects us, and more importantly for us, how it does NOT protect us.

Episode Summary

  • How insurance protects – and does NOT protect – Barbers
  • The best breakdown of State Minimum Auto Insurance I have ever heard
  • Why having an Agent is vital instead of just filling out an online form or talking with a customer service rep
  • Choosing the right Agent for YOU – I’m not everyone’s Barber, and no agent is everyone’s agent
  • How to choose which types of insurance you want to care of you when problems come up

About my Guest

Ellena Park is an Independent Insurance Agent with Goosehead Insurance, and has helped many entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and small businesses protect their income, their assets, their businesses, and their “stuff” in general.

Contact my Guest

If you have questions for Ellena, would like clarifications, or would like for her to help make sure your income, tools, and livelihood are protected, here is her contact information:

Ellena Park – Goosehead Insurance

Email: ellena.park@goosehead.com

Phone: 678-200-0562

Instagram: @elleparksimkins

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ellena-park-299086257/


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