Episode 022 – What can a Barber do if they think they are in trouble with the IRS (or ARE in trouble)?

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One of the reasons some Barbers are not up to date with their taxes is because they don’t know… or they haven’t filed for years and need to get caught up. There’s good news…

About this episode…

Remona Baptiste, CPA, discusses how to get caught up with the IRS. The good news is that the IRS is willing to work with us, and there are people who can help put out the fires and guide us through the process..

Episode Summary

  • Getting a tax professional to help through the process is very important to do.
  • Tax professionals can talk with the IRS on your behalf so you don’t have to.
  • You can get a transcript of what the IRS has received so that you can file even if your original forms are misplaced
  • What NOT to do when working with the IRS to resolve your status.

About my Guest

Ramona Baptiste is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), licensed in the state of Georgia who specializes in tax preparation and planning, tax resolution, accounting, and consulting for small businesses and individuals.

Ramona enjoys working with nonprofit organizations and working in her community. She currently serves on the Advisory Board for United Way of Greater Atlanta – Gwinnett County, and is active in her church community in Decatur, GA.

Ramona is a Louisiana native with experience in both the private and public sectors. She’s been a CPA since 1993, and began her career on the audit team of a local CPA firm in New Orleans. Since that time, her diverse career has afforded her opportunities to serve in various accounting and financial roles, including directing large financial teams for various Fortune 500 companies, including ADP and Aegon USA and Intuit.

Contact my Guest

If you have questions for Ramona, would like clarifications, or would like to contact her, here is her information, including a link to schedule a meeting with her:

Ramona Baptiste, CPA

RCB Consulting Group, LLC

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