Episode 008 – How to avoid the loopholes in Insurance contracts like a ninja

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The fine print is where companies protect themselves… it’s usually where you will find what they do and don’t have to do for you, and even more importantly, where the nasty surprises lay.

About this episode…

Many companies take advantage of the fact that we like things simple and quick – don’t bore us with the details! The ease of going online and clicking on a form often leaves us in a risky position, usually without our knowing about it. Howard Silvermintz with Tier 1 Capital of Georgia explains what what we Barbers can do to a) make sure we are getting what we need to get and b) keep from making common costly mistakes while getting our insurance on our own

Episode Summary

  • The loopholes often trip us up
  • Agents are free help to us provided by the insurance companies

About my Guest

Howard Silvermintz is all about helping people build and protect wealth for themselves and their families. Whether helping a young adult put together his wealth building plan or using his rare talent for ferreting out holes in established financial strategies, Howard shows how to avoid losing money to unnecessary fees, interest, and taxes, by leveraging insurance to build wealth as well as protect it.

Contact my Guest

If you have questions for Howard, would like clarifications, or would like for him to help build and protect your money and wealth, here is his contact information:

Howard Silvermintz – Tier 1 Capital of Georgia

Email: howard@tier1ga.com

Phone: 678-200-0562

Website: tier1ga.com