Episode 011 – Barbershop Owners: What happens if a key Barber is injured (or worse)?

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Any Barbershop owner will tell you that when they lose a Key Barber – for any length of time – they lose more than their booth rent or commissions…

About this episode…

How is a Barbershop owner affected when one of the Barbers, especially a Key Barber, is out of action? Some shops can absorb that type of loss more easily than others. Howard Silvermintz with Tier 1 Capital of Georgia shares how a Barbershop owner can protect the shop from a sudden loss.

Episode Summary

  • Losing any Barber, especially a Key Barber, can have much bigger effects on a Barbershop than just the money that they would normally bring in.
  • An Owner can take a policy on a Barber in their shop – with the Barber’s consent, of course
  • BONUS – there is a type of insurance that covers the business’s expenses in case the Owner gets injured or sick, as well

About my Guest

Howard Silvermintz is all about helping people build and protect wealth for themselves and their families. Whether helping a young adult put together his wealth building plan or using his rare talent for ferreting out holes in established financial strategies, Howard shows how to avoid losing money to unnecessary fees, interest, and taxes, by leveraging insurance to build wealth as well as protect it.

Contact my Guest

If you have questions for Howard, would like clarifications, or would like for him to help build and protect your money and wealth, here is his contact information:

Howard Silvermintz – Tier 1 Capital of Georgia

Email: howard@tier1ga.com

Phone: 678-200-0562

Website: tier1ga.com