Episode 015 – Stretches for Barbers: How stretching can reduce the pain and increase our longevity as Barbers

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Five seconds every now and then, five minutes a day… Barbers with pain can reduce it with a few simple steps.

About this episode…

Ian Williams with Full Compass Massage does more than break down stretching. He gives us specific stretches which help Barbers.

Episode Summary

  • The most common parts of our body that we need to stretch
  • A simple way to figure out how to stretch other areas as needed
  • Specific stretches to benefit Barbers reduce pain and prolong our careers behind the chair.

About my Guest

Ian Williams is a Kinesio Orthopedic Postural Massage Therapist, and as such, works to heal the body and the mind. His work with Barbers has shown what works well (and does not work well) to keep Barbers comfortable and loving what we do for years to come.

Contact my Guest

If you have questions for Ian, would like clarifications, or would like to hire his services, here is his contact information:

Ian Williams – Full Compass Massage

Email: ian@fullcompassmassage.com

Phone: 423-939-9645

Instagram: @enhancedsoulsmassage