Episode 005 – Breaking Down State Minimum Auto Insurance – How it Does and Does Not Protect Us as Barbers

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This is the best breakdown of State Minimum Auto Insurance I have ever heard.

About this episode…

So we all know that we have to have insurance on our cars in order to be able to drive them, yet, in my conversations with Barbers, very few of us have any idea of what we are getting or how it works.

Episode Summary

  • The three numbers on the insurance policy which tell you how much protection you have in the case of an accident
  • If we hit someone with just State Minimum Auto Insurance, we are still probably coming out of pocket
  • Why many insurance companies will not write State Minimum Auto Insurance policies

SPOILER ALERT… these policies are NOT designed to help us… Most of us don’t know that we are not protected with this insurance that we are required to buy, and if we get into an accident, we are coming out of pocket to pay for the bills.

About my Guest

Ellena Park is an Independent Insurance Agent with Goosehead Insurance, and has helped many entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and small businesses protect their income, their assets, their businesses, and their “stuff” in general. Her ability to find out what each person really needs helps her to provide them with the protection they need, without all the fluff of things they don’t need.

Contact my Guest

If you have questions for Ellena, would like clarifications, or would like for her to help make sure your income, tools, and livelihood are protected, here is her contact information:

Ellena Park – Goosehead Insurance

Email: ellena.park@goosehead.com

Phone: 678-200-0562

Instagram: @elleparksimkins

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ellena-park-299086257/