Episode 006 – Injured Barber… or worse…. Now what? Protect your money and finances before it happens – Interview with Howard Silvermintz with Tier 1 Capital of Georgia

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As a Barber, I’m one good injury or accident from being out of work for a long time. How do we make sure we don’t go broke when this happens? About this episode… Howard Silvermintz with Tier 1 Capital of Georgia breaks down what we Barbers can do to keep the money we make, by making sure we don’t go broke and lose everything if we are seriously injured. We look at both from the individual Barber’s and the Barbershop Owner’s standpoint (losing a key Barber in the shop can have big consequences). Episode Summary What insurance really is and what it does How to make sure that an injury does not create a financial disaster How to make sure that our family doesn’t get hit with our debts and can continue living in a good lifestyle if we pass away The one thing you need to do to make sure that you don’t get stuck with a business partner’s spouse becoming your partner Making sure that loopholes don’t mess you up Can a Barber insure our hands? Unique challenges that Building Owners and Leaseholders face About my Guest Howard Silvermintz is all about helping people build and protect wealth for themselves and their families. Whether helping a young adult put together his wealth building plan or using his rare talent for ferreting out holes in established financial strategies, Howard shows how to avoid losing money to unnecessary fees, interest, and taxes, by leveraging insurance to build wealth as well as protect it. Contact my Guest If you have questions for Howard, would like clarifications, or would like for him to help build and protect your money and wealth, here is his contact information: Howard Silvermintz – Tier 1 Capital of Georgia Email: howard@tier1ga.com Phone: 678-200-0562 Website: tier1ga.com